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Register your boat, engine and gear quickly to help ensure that no recalls have been made for your equipment, with zero effort or cost.


Recall Alert is a tool designed to support boaters who have parts or equipment that has been recalled. Tracking recalls is complicated and time consuming and we work to make it less of both things for everyone we work with. The process is simple. First you fill out the survey that asks you questions about the type of boat you have and the equipment you are most interested in tracking. Makes are necessary, along with the rough year, though models are not required. That said, the more information we have the more specific we can be to you when following up or highlighting a recall for something you may own.  Second, we process the information and ensure that we have everything we need from you. 90% of the time you will get an automated email confirming that we will keep an eye out for products that may impact you. If you do not it means that our team is reviewing the case manually and until you receive confirmation that you have been added to our system you will not receive notification on any recalls.


*Note, this service is free and is not a guarantee that all recalls will be found and users notified. This was developed to try and make the process easier but does, under no circumstance, accept any liability for recalls users entered not being passed down.

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