How much is this going to cost me?

Nada, Zip, Zilch

This is always the first question we get from people and we like to confront it head on.  Look below to learn about why:

Why are we Free?

We’ve been there and done that and while boating generally means getting hit up by salespeople for services you could not possibly need we were sick of it. We decided that by building a bot that could answer questions about all the back office paperwork issues boaters have, instantly and without a barrage of follow-up offers that boaters would get to spend more time on the water.
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Our only ask is this, please ask our Chatbot questions about what paperwork you need or other boating questions you have. The more questions you ask the better the bot becomes.

Back-Office Paperwork

The marine world is inundated with excessive paperwork and regulations that force people to spend too much time in lines and not enough time on the water.


Every year thousands of new products are launched on the market and many of the best ones are done with little fanfare. We answer user questions as to which are the best ones.

Registration and Titles

Boating registration is a needlessly complicated challenge and something that we are working to make easier. There are two parts to this challenge, first providing users the necessary information they need to be able to register and title their boats. The second is making the actual registration process more seamless. We are working on both but are focusing on the information part first.

Boat Insurance

Everyone knows they should have it but not everyone understands it. We are working to build tools that help to answer these questions and make the whole process simpler. Our bot is trained to answer thousands of boat insurance-related questions, test her out.

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Boat Loans

Depending on your financial situation boat loans can either be a necessity until your old boat is sold or something you would just like to know more about. We’ve built our bot to answer basic questions regarding boat loans from terms to good questions to ask.

Boat Licenses

Increasingly states are requiring boat owners to have safety certificates to operate certain vessels in their states water ways. These rules change frequently, by state, and depend heavily on what kind of vessel you are operating. Ask away to find out if you need a safety certificate to operate your vessel.

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