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Frequently Asked Questions


Can’t I just do this myself?

Yes you can!  That said, you can probably change your car’s oil, and rotate your own tires.  For most of us boating is what we do to relax.  Our goal is to streamline all the paperwork and research so you can spend less time at your desk, and more time on the water.

Do you offer a trial?

Our Bronze level membership can function as a trial of sorts. You do not receive the same level of personalized care as with the Silver or Gold memberships, but our primary goal is to serve you and address any concerns you may have. For this reason, all levels have the ability to ask questions. We can, however, only guarentee response times with Silver and Gold Levels.

OK you have a guarantee, what does it actually mean in PLAIN English?

If we miss your deadline we will not only refund the current month, we will give you the next one for free. No questions asked. The process is automated, so you don’t have to wait on hold to get your discount. Furthermore, if you try us out and the first month doesn’t go the way you like, let us know. We’ll happily trade a quick conversation for either a free month or a full refund, whichever you prefer.

Why does the process take so long?

Because no two boats or people are alike. We ask each of our members to fill out an extensive form that allows us to get to know you better and better predict issues you may face.  We manually review each of these files to ensure that we have a better idea of what is going on when you reach out to us. That process can take a couple days, but it will save you hours when you need assistance.

What hours and days are you available?

We know that most of our members are on the water during summer weekend days and we have built our system (and team) around these assumptions.  Our response times vary based on the question itself and how many other questions are coming in simultaneously. While we can only guarantee the time stated, we can tell you that our internal goal for gold members is under one hour and under eight hours for silver members.

What if I do not want an annual plan?

That’s totally fine!  We’re Midwestern boaters and while we think that you’ll find a lot of value in our services throughout the year, we understand that many of us are only on the water for a few months. Select the plan you want above and afterward select “monthly plan”.  

How can you possibly know everything about all boats?

In all honesty, we don’t. No one does.  That said, what we offer is the experience and perspective that comes with decades of boating experience on power boats, jet skis, and sailboats.  Our internal database and knowledgeable research team allows us to quickly and efficiently track down the right answer for you.  That said, test us out! We often know the answer off-hand, and in those cases, we can quickly respond or forward you along to the right place to learn more.


Personalized Support

Sure, some blog posts from 2012 might still be accurate, but do you want to bet your weekend on it?  Whether it’s sorting out state registration requirements, insurance company reviews, or figuring out if that mechanic’s quote is reasonable, let the specialists do your research for you.

Go gold for life's big trip

Staffed by boaters who have left it all and hit the water for a 6,000+ mile trip, Gold is the perfect level for those who want a few more specialized services and the ability to talk with someone who’s been there before on the phone.


Satisfied Customers

“From helping me to start the process of finding the right boat, to figuring out the right marina, the team at Agent Water helped me feel comfortable that I was not making my decisions off of a single blog post.”

Jackson Lindeke

Liveaboard, Seattle WA

“The first time it saved me an extra trip to the DMV, the second it helped me find the right birthday gift, at $10 a month, Agent Water’s silver system has made my boating life easier for a fraction of what I thought it would cost.”

Tracey Shafroth

Kayaker, Douglas MI

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