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Welcome to Agent Water’s Marine Chatbot. The industry’s first chatbot, dedicated to all things marine. Please go ahead and ask me any boat related question. Whether you are wondering what type of insurance you should get, whether one provider is better than another, whether your deductible is too high or anything else! If you are looking for help relating to boat licenses or safety certificates, ask away, just make sure to mention what state you are interested in as it often varies by state. Questions about boat registration? Ask away. This chatbot can also answer a ton of questions relating to boat gear and replacement parts, just remember there are a ton out there so the more specific you are the better. Right now we have limited information and support around sailboat racing rules, college sailing teams (though we do have some dedicated content around them) and engine maintenence. If you would prefer your questions answered by a human, feel free to Contact Us.

As mentioned before this is the worlds first marine dedicated chatbot and is improving every day with your questions. If you found your questions was not answered satisfactorily and you would like us to make sure it is covered next time you use her, type *addthis and it will automatically be flagged for additional inclusion.

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