Boat Insurance Company Comparisons

Database of Boat Insurance Companies

When it comes to boat insurance in the United States there are three major players, and a ton of other, smaller providers. Boat US, Geico and Progressive are the three with the largest market share and routinely sponsor boat shows and events across the country.

Below, you will find our Boat Insurance Company Comparison Chart. You’ll see the types of boats each company covers, and certain specific coverage offerings. Although the boat insurers we’ve mentioned are the largest, that does not necessarily make them the right fit for you or your boat. Additionally, if you have a home or auto policy with another provider you may be able to get a substantial discount for adding an additional policy. It can simplify life wonderfully to deal with fewer insurance companies.

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Boat Insurance Company Comparison Chart

Please Note: We pull our information from company websites, some of which are more informative than others. If a coverage is not listed for a particular item, that does not unequivocally mean that the insurer doesn’t offer that coverage. If you are interested in a particular company (or already have auto or home insurance with someone) we recommend calling them first to get an idea of their coverage. Companies offer boat insurance based on a variety of factors, so you’ll need to speak to the company directly to determine whether they’ll cover your specific boat.


Important Notes for the Comparison Chart

  1. Most companies don’t specifically mention hurricane haul-out insurance on their website. That doesn’t mean they don’t offer it, though. It is a common policy add-on that is likely to increase your premium somewhat. But if you live in a hurricane zone it could be crucial.
  2. Similarly, most Insurers do not list watersports-specific policies under their coverage. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t cover watersports-related accidents and injuries. However, it does mean that you’ll want to ask if you don’t see watersports coverage in your policy.
  3. Coverage for old boats is particularly difficult, as each company has a different threshold for boats they consider “old”. Some insurers consider 20-year-old yachts safer than 20 year-old ski boats. Others draw no distinction. If your boat is more…mature, check with your insurance company to see whether they’ll cover it.