Boat Insurance Requirements by State

Almost all insurance in the United States is regulated at the state level and boat insurance is no different. While many of the major insurance providers operate within every state, not all providers do. So if you are looking to open a policy and plan on using the company that insures your house and car make sure to give them a call before you sign the check.  Like home insurance, boat insurance varies substantially by state both in terms of costs, coverage and exemptions.  For example for those in the Southeast, make sure you know what dates your boat can be in the water for and what dates they must be taken out by and how it must be stored.  For those in the Midwest make sure that you know how coverage applies to ice damage as it is much more common than in other locations.  For those on the Westcoast, boaters make sure you talk with your insurance provider about how many consecutive days your boat can be in the water before it needs to be taken out, inspected or stored to dry out.  As you can tell regions have different risks and insurance companies charge different rates to cover their risks associated with them.  The biggest risk often is with boaters who have moved, or have purchased a boat in a second location, and often assume the old rule apply, they dont.  As a final word of warning, Florida boaters should, more than those in any other state, review their policies in detail annually, and especially after storms, as companies frequently change their policies beyond increasing premiums.


Many more details, tips, tricks and advice on these states and many more are on the way. If you have any questions or specific advice on these or other states or locations please do not hesitate to let us know, we’d love to answer or add them, just click here.