Boating is needlessly complex

We build specialized tools and offer personalized support services to boaters throughout the United States to make boating easier, safer and more affordable.    

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The tools below are designed to save you time and money, and allow you to boat more safely with less stress and greater confidence.

Boat Licensing

Every state has different licensing laws and they change annually. Check now to ensure that you are in compliance.

Boatable Chatbot

Any question you’ve ever wanted to ask about Boat Insurance, now answered through our industry-first chatbot.

Recall Alert

Our Recall Alert tool automatically scans for boat and marine gear recalls and notifies you immediately.

Houseboat Purchasing

Discover the questions you should be asking, the qualities you want in a good houseboat, and pitfalls to avoid.

Boat Purchasing

Learn about the features you can expect in a new watercraft and the deals that are often available on used boats.

State Boating Insurance

Boating insurance is regulated at the state level. Find out about your state’s requirements for insurance coverage. 

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After living aboard and traveling over 6,000 miles we know that quality content is king.  Check out our library for detailed information on a range of topics.  Have any ideas?  Please send them along.

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